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Banner image showing GLAMR instrumentation


Joel McCorkel with a mountain in the background

Joel McCorkel

Principal Investigator
Brendan McAndrrew posing in front of the GLAMR instrument

Brendan McAndrew

Lead Engineer
Julia Barsi

Julia Barsi

Science Manager
Michael Rodriguez smiling into the camera

Michael Rodriguez

Systems Engineer
Tim Shuman sport a San Diego Comic-Con T-Shirt and some sweet shades.

Tim Shuman

Laser Engineer / Scientist
Andrei Sushkov with his hands on his hips, smiling in front of an instrument

Andrei Sushkov

Laser Scientist
No Photo Available

Nick Reed

Data Systems

ALUM: Barbara Zukowksi

Optical Engineer
Jim Pharr smiling with the ocean in the background

ALUM: Jim Pharr

Systems Engineer