The GLAMR sphere calibration as viewed by a Go-Pro. The sphere is illuminated with light from the laser tables from about 400 to 960nm. The GLAMR transfer radiometers sit at the exit port of the sphere, recording the absolute radiance generated by the GLAMR system.

Transfer Radiometers aligned in front of the integrating sphere exit port for a sphere calibration.

Transfer Radiometers in their mounting hardware, added in 2021 to improve repeatability of alignment.

475nm light from the OPO illuminating the sphere with the transfer radiometers at the exit port

OLAF-4 laser table deployed at instrument vendor's location

The GLAMR facility deployed at RTN for the characterization of JPSS-3 VIIRS

The GLAMR facility deployed at Ball Aerospace for the characterization of Landsat-9 OLI-2

The GLAMR OLAF-2 laser table deployed for the calibration of PACE OCI.

The GLAMR deployment at LASP for the CLARREO Independent Calibration. Pictured: Brendan McAndrew working at with OLAF-3 and Nick Reed working with the IPG-CLT.

Fourth Harmonic Generation on OLAF-2 laser table. Commercial green light (532nm) pump laser excites invisible light (1300nm) which in turn, generates second harmonic in the LBO crystal.  The resulting 650nm red light passes through a BiBO crystal which produces invisible 325nm ultraviolet light. The 325nm light can be seen in the lower left as a blueish spot via photoluminescence.

Beam paths through the OPO

Red light though the prisms

Orange light in the OPO_SWIR_SHG

Barbara Zukowski checking the alignment of a beam on OLAF-1.


Joel McCorkel in the lab with the GLAMR sphere in front of the JPSS-2 VIIRS instrument


The GLAMR sphere aligned with the OLI-2 instrument (inside TVAC chamber) and the two laser systems that generate the wavelengths above 2000nm with Mike Rodriguez.


Brendan McAndrew configuring the 20" sphere for the GLAMR test of OCI.

Brendan McAndrew and the GLAMR sphere aligned in front of L'Ralph MVIC.

RSP sitting in front of the 20" sphere for spectral characterization.